DRUPAL 7: How to Expose a Field in Views

The other day when trying to expose a Filter criteria in a view of the Views module 7.x-3.1, I was frustrated by the fact that it would not function despite my best efforts. After triple checking my set up and reading a lot of documentation, there was no fix. Finally, after digging deep into some threads by a person having the same frustration with Views in Drupal 7 and exposed filters, I found the simple, although illusive, solution.

In the VIEWS UI, open the “ADVANCED” section and look under the “OTHER” subsection. Find the item “Use AJAX” and set the value to yes. I know, I know, (pause, make face) – right? Well, the guy on the thread that helped me complained enough about it so I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

I hope that if you were having this problem you found my post faster than I found that thread. : )

As, always, feel free to comment and make suggestions.

select yes for use ajax

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