I found a few useful post that may help for setting up SSL (https) for MAMP PRO

Something that was not clear to me is to do the steps outlined here.

Open MAMP Pro.

  1. In Server Tab Make Sure Your HTTP Port is 80 and HTTPS Port is 443
  2. Click on Hosts Tab
  3. Click On Plus Arrow for add new host.
  4. Add As Hostname
  5. Click SSL Enable
  6. Select Directory Where is your htdocs or websites folder
  7. Click on SSL Tab
  8. Create Self Signed Certificate By Button Below.
  9. Then it will ask for save location after save it will select certificate auto.
  10. Restart your MAMP Server.

Then, after that I setup a SEPARATE host with the host name I want (as opposed to and set it up in with the files in the same location. Then it worked.

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