Configure Symfony 4 with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu or Mac

How to configure Symfony 4 with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu or Mac OS Install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu   Easily install PostgreSQL from the command line with apt-get.

Install PostgreSQL on Mac    On Mac OS, go to your terminal and use brew as shown here.

Use composer to install Doctrine    If Doctrine is not already installed, […]

AWS Elastic Beanstalk [Resolved]: “… not authorized to perform: iam:CreateServiceLinkedRole on resource …”

How to resolve the Elastic Beanstalk Error  not authorized to perform CreateServiceLinkedRole error ERROR

Resolved by adding the following inline policy to the group the user was attached to via IAM :


STRATEGY PATTERN In a strategy pattern the main value is in being able to switch out different algorithms for different situations. Imagine that you had an application component that renders graphs for a website depending on what kind of device made the request. The application code could detect the type of browser and then use […]

[RESOLVED] Docker Error: Error starting userland proxy: Bind for unexpected error (Failure EADDRINUSE)

If you are trying to run Docker on your Mac and you get this error:  

Check to see if Apache is running on your Host computer (Mac in my case) Stopping Apache on your mac should fix this error; eg

Hope this helps someone!

[RESOLVED] WAMP Windows Apache document root configured for shared directory on Mac OSX

No matter what I tried I could not configure the Apache DocumentRoot in Apache on Windows via WAMP to see a folder that had been shared by my MAc OS by way of VM Ware Fusion. I searched all over the internet and was unable to resolve this until setting up a Windows symlink in […]

Mac Locahost uploads broken after Mac OS Upgrade

Before the recent MAC OS upgrade, wordpress plugin updates were working fine on my local development environment. Then I started getting messages like “upload failed server error” when attempting to update wordpress plugins from my local hosted wordpress sites. At first, I made sure the permissions were correct and that the files and directories had […]

operator not supported for strings slider_markup_init.php [SOLVED]

This error comes from an older version of the   WordPress LayerSlider plugin after an upgrade to PHP 7. In case you are unable to upgrade your LayerSlider plugin, or do not wish to,  here is a patch to fix the issue. Don’t worry it’s pretty easy.  : ) How to resolve error: operator not supported […]