Mac Locahost uploads broken after Mac OS Upgrade

Before the recent MAC OS upgrade, wordpress plugin updates were working fine on my local development environment. Then I started getting messages like “upload failed server error” when attempting to update wordpress plugins from my local hosted wordpress sites. At first, I made sure the permissions were correct and that the files and directories had […]

Resolve Website Issues After PHP upgrade 2017 [SOLVED]

Site Issues after upgrading PHP After upgrading to PHP 7, you may notice that your site is having issues. For example on a WordPress site, certain plugins will be disabled and you will see messages stating that certain PHP modules are missing. eg. requires the function mb_detect_encoding to import and export CSV files …currently has […]

403 Error after adding a new website directory

On an ubuntu server it is common to host site files in a directory with a structure like ‘/var/www/’. One might wish to separating a subdomain out from site files in another directory. Something like ‘/var/dev/’. How to fix or prevent a 403 error after adding a new site directory To prevent a 403 error, […]

How To Create a Password Hash with Python passlib

Create a password hash with python passlib A quick and easy way to create a password hash is with python passlib. Install passlib with pip like this:

Then, run the command below. Of course, you will replace the text “myplaintextpassword” with YOUR OWN plain text password, right?

You’ll get back something that looks […]

How to Configure a Custom php.ini file for a Website

There are a few ways to create a custom php.ini configuration directives for an apache website. Create a phpinfo.php file with the following content within your document root.

View this file in your browser and look near the top for which Server API is running PHP. If PHP is being run by CGI If the phpinfo.php […]

Restart Apache on Mac 10.10

If you do not stop and restart apache often, it’s easy to forget how. apachectl -help says to uses -k flag with the following options start|restart|graceful|graceful-stop|stop.

So, to restart apache, do the following command.

How To Find Apache httpd.conf File

If you’re working on a server you’re not used to, it can be difficult to find the Apache httpt.conf file. You might try the following. At the command line type:

Its possible you may need to type this instead.

You will get a list that looks something like this:

Look for the […]

How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error from htaccess File

As a web developer, you will likely need to make rewrites for clean URLs and produce an htaccess file so you can create ModRewrite rules. If you encounter a 403 Forbidden Error after creating the htaccess file. This happens because even though the htaccess file itself may have the right permissions, it is possible the […]