drush cc Not Showing All Options (only showing 2 options cancel and drush)

Trying to clear your Drupal site chache with drusch cc or drush cc all? Drush should out put a list in response that looks like this:

But instead, you may see something that looks like this:

Chances are you are not in the document root of the Drupal site on which you are […]

Form Input Not Working; A Misplaced “float” Declaration in CSS Can Be to Blame for Broken Form Input

Just a note in case your pulling your hair out. If you have a form that for all intents and purposes SHOULD be working but does not allow user input in a text field then perhaps this cold be your problem. Try taking a look at the CSS on the element following the form. In […]

Screen shot of the up and comming CPI Data Panel

I havn’t posted in few weeks because I have been very busy with several projects. One of the projects I am particularly excited about the CPI panel. The Cpi panel is new “back end” for LoveFineArt.com. IT used to be that each and every product would take about 20 minuets to enter. With this new […]