How to use multiple ssh keys for different accounts

I wanted to have multiple rsa keys for various different hosts to help prevent hidden connection issues. Issues may arises when an rsa key is changed on one host that may have been used on another host effectively severing the connection without your knowledge. By having different rsa keys when dealing with a host that […]

How To Create a Password Hash with Python passlib

Create a password hash with python passlib A quick and easy way to create a password hash is with python passlib. Install passlib with pip like this:

Then, run the command below. Of course, you will replace the text “myplaintextpassword” with YOUR OWN plain text password, right?

You’ll get back something that looks […]

Add Find to Mac OSx Command Line Terminal

Would you like to use the find command from the Mac OS command line terminal? If you are using brew then you may do this very simply. Its always a good idea to run the brew doctor before any installation.

Follow any steps the ‘doctor’ tells you to keep your brew in good health. […]

How to Understand PHP Stream Wrapper Context and Options

Some have a difficult time understanding what is meant in PHP by stream wrappers, context options and parameters. Judging by a few conversations with other developers, its obvious there is a bit of confusion about what a stream wrapper is and why it would have a context. While the PHP documentation does adequately describe what […]

How To Compress a Directory with the tar Command and Exclude Certain Files, tarball exclude files

When creating a tar-ball (compressing a directory of files), you may exclude certain files by using the –exclude flag. The –exclude flag will also work with a wild card “*”. Here is an example of how to tar-ball a directory from the parent directory and exclude certain files:

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the […]