Configure Symfony 4 with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu or Mac

How to configure Symfony 4 with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu or Mac OS Install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu   Easily install PostgreSQL from the command line with apt-get.

Install PostgreSQL on Mac    On Mac OS, go to your terminal and use brew as shown here.

Use composer to install Doctrine    If Doctrine is not already installed, […]

AWS Elastic Beanstalk [Resolved]: “… not authorized to perform: iam:CreateServiceLinkedRole on resource …”

How to resolve the Elastic Beanstalk Error  not authorized to perform CreateServiceLinkedRole error ERROR

Resolved by adding the following inline policy to the group the user was attached to via IAM :

How to set up ubuntu secure ssh login (AWS & Digital Ocean)

Ubuntu Initial Setup: setup ubuntu secure ssh login on digitalocean or Amazon Web Services EC2 instance Download PDF:  Download Secure Login Cheat Sheet PDF This post is a “cut to the chase”, “gitter dun” list of things to do for initial setup of an ubuntu server. To gain a deeper understanding of the process of securing […]

How to use multiple ssh keys for different accounts

I wanted to have multiple rsa keys for various different hosts to help prevent hidden connection issues. Issues may arises when an rsa key is changed on one host that may have been used on another host effectively severing the connection without your knowledge. By having different rsa keys when dealing with a host that […]

How To Create a Password Hash with Python passlib

Create a password hash with python passlib A quick and easy way to create a password hash is with python passlib. Install passlib with pip like this:

Then, run the command below. Of course, you will replace the text “myplaintextpassword” with YOUR OWN plain text password, right?

You’ll get back something that looks […]

How to (where to) Create an Ansible Configure File

Ansible Configuration File As a default, Ansible expects to find files in a certain place. Some of these files may not suit your needs. To configure ansible to better suit your needs, use the ansible configuration file. There are at least 2 ways to do this. You can create a global configuration file by creating […]

Ansible: How To Install Ansible (Mac OS X, CentOS/Fedora, Ubuntu)

Install Ansible on Mac OS X:

Install Ansible on CentOS/Fedora:

The EPEL-Release repository may need to be added on certain versions of CentOS, RHEL, and Scientific Linux. Install Ansible on Ubuntu: