[RESOLVED] WAMP Windows Apache document root configured for shared directory on Mac OSX

No matter what I tried I could not configure the Apache DocumentRoot in Apache on Windows via WAMP to see a folder that had been shared by my MAc OS by way of VM Ware Fusion. I searched all over the internet and was unable to resolve this until setting up a Windows symlink in […]

Drupal: How to solve Warning: file_put_contents The file could not be created

Sometimes when migrating or setting up a local development site you may run into an error that looks like this:

Likely the Drupal temp directory isn’t writable. An easy fix for this is to navigate to /admin/config/media/file-system and enter the correct temporary directory or if you’re not sure what it should be, then delete […]

About PHP Frameworks

There are many things to consider when looking into what PHP Framework to use. Lynda.com’s Videos on MVC Frameworks for Building PHP Web Applications with Drew Falkman have an excellent sub-section of videos on this topic named About PHP Frameworks. I found them useful for considering what PHP Framework to use or for comparing PHP […]

How to Export a Large MySQL Table on MAMP to a CSV File

You many need to export a data base table that is larger than phpMyAdmin’s maximum allowed size (in the export table tab). An easy way to do this by using the terminal. I have provided a simple example below for MAMP users like me. This information is based on a blog post I found on […]

Get The Calling Function

Knowing which PHP function call the code we are working on can give us the clues we need for de-bugging a script. Getting the calling function is easy in PHP, thanks to the debug_backtrace() function. Just put the following code wherever in your script you need to know what function is calling the part you […]

PHP and MySQL command line with MAMP on OSX

I found a handy article named “Getting command line access to PHP and MySQL running MAMP on OSX” by  Joaquin Lippincott . It was very helpful for getting PHP and MySQL acces from the terminal on a mac. In addition, one of the comments by Matthew Bacon was about getting the ZEND FRAMWORK up and running […]

MySQL from the Command Line (terminal) in MAMP PRO

To get to the command line for MySQL for MAMP or MAMP PRO just open up you terminal and enter the following:   /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql –host=localhost -uroot -proot You can see all the databases by using the following command: If you type the MySQL command : USE <table name>  you can then start using that particular […]