How to fix wp-user stopped working after PHP Upgrade [resolved]

A server side user can have special permissions to won you WordPress application.

If you have set one up and it stops working after you upgrade your PHP it is likely related to SSH2 PHP module.

A while back I took advantage of this post from Digital Ocean about Secure Updates and Installations in WordPress on Ubuntu and it worked great until I upgraded to PHP7.

I had upgraded from PHP 5 to PHP 7. After upgrading to PHP 7 it is necessary to install PHP 7’s version of the ssh2 package.

How to install ssh2 for php7 on ubuntu

It’s pretty easy, really.

ssh into your server via the command line.

Then update you package manager for Ubuntu.

Then install the PHP 7 ssh2 package with the following command.

HINT: If your PHP version is 7.0 then use php7.0-ssh2 instead.

Then restart your apache2 server

Hope this helps someone!



Examples of how to use Secure Copy (scp)

scp uses ssh for data file transfer between servers and provides the same level of security as ssh.

Secure copy the file “somefile.txt” from a remote host to your local host


Secure Copy your file “somefile.txt” from the local host to a remote host


Secure Copy the directory “localfoo” from your local host to a remote host’s directory “foobar”


Copy the file “foobar.dat” from remote host “remoteh1.com” to remote host “remoteh2.com”


Copying the files “foo.dat” and “bar.dat” from yor localhost to your home directory on the remote host


Copy the file “foobar.txt” from the local host to a remote host using port 2264


Copy multiple files from remote to your current directory on the local host


Managing scp Performance

scp uses the Triple-DES cipher to encrypt the data being sent by default. By using Blowfish, as a cipher you may increase speed. Here is how.

If you have a slow connection you can use the -C option for compression to increase speed. If your connection is not slow, then this is not very helpful as it ads to the CPU burden.



Invisible Double End of Line Characters in Sublime

Ugh! These things drive me crazy sometimes.

So I have had to look this up and NOT find anything untill I really poked around so many times that I decided to do a quick reminder post on this.

If you are working with a file, a CSV file in my case, and you need lines that must have an end of line character, but it seems you can only get it to show a return and a newline instead of the needed new line character on its own, here is what to do.

Do a search and replace like this:


In sublime:

  • Be sure regex is “on”
  • Search for: \n\R
  • Replace with: \n

Also, on larger files, try doing large selections at a time to prevent Sublime from crashing on a huge CSV file.

I hope this helps someone, or at least me in the future when I forget this again!

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PHP: How to Append an XML File with PHP’s DOMDocument Object

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Form Input Not Working; A Misplaced “float” Declaration in CSS Can Be to Blame for Broken Form Input

Just a note in case your pulling your hair out. If you have a form that for all intents and purposes SHOULD be working but does not allow user input in a text field then perhaps this cold be your problem.

Try taking a look at the CSS on the element following the form. In my last encounter with this problem, it was a <p> that followed a form within a div.

The <p> had  a CSS declaration of float:left and was inside a div that was floated to the right.

The followinghad 2 declarations:

p {

To my surprise, this is what broke the form inputs -weird.

I fixed the <p>’s CSS to declare clear:left; and the form straightened back up.

So if you’re having trouble with form inputs and you have narrowed it down to CSS, I hope this helps.

Please feel free to make any comments or even give an explanation.