Drupal 7 Calendar New Interface Set Up (in Views)

I found this very helpful video by Arlin Sandbulte on the Drupal Calendar version 7.3 configuration (Calendar 7.x-3.x-dev). The interface on this Calendar is quite different than what is shown in other slightly older videos. The new video for Drupal 7 Calendar New Interface Set Up.

HTML5: How to Make a datalist for a Form Field Input Element

Isn’t it nice when web developers make it easy for end users to fill out a form? One way to make for a pleasant user experience is to offer suggestions on a form’s input field. HTML5 now has a cool feature that makes this easier for the developers too! The HTML5 datalist element provides an […]

Where’s the ^%@$*$ ‘end of line’ Shortcut Key in BBEdit on Mac OS ?

The HOME and END keys move to the top and bottom of the document instead of start or end of the current line as expected. The HOME and END keys lay dormant on the keyboard, because the need to move to the top or bottom of a document is, like -ALMOST NEVER !!! Now, the […]

View Local Developement Sites with Parallels and MAMP on a Mac

How’s that for a long title? I just wanted to make sure that the desperate souls in need would be able to find what they are looking for. If you are a web developer, you must deal with Internet Explorer. If you’re developing on a Mac, that can be even more of a pain the […]

Learn To Guide Web User’s with Precedence

In web design, it is important to guide the user’s eye. Without a sense of “flow” a feeling of frustration takes over creating a negative experience. The art of subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, guiding the viewer’s attention is referred to as Precedence. Since web pages are, for the most part, about the users […]