Web Design

What is AJAX

Asynchronous Put the “A” in AJAX The key word is asynchronous. “1.  A process in a multitasking system whose execution can proceed independently, “in the background”. Other processes may be started before the asynchronous process has finished.”—Dictionary.com Most web pages are rather “choppy” because they need to “refresh” themselves, which is a nice way of… Read more What is AJAX

How to Create a User Interface Style Guide

I frequently peruse for tidbits of inspiration. There are so many more beautiful, competent site designs than there used to be.  Setting aside a nice design and well thought out code, there is a common thread to be found that ties all of them together. They are all new. Along with site design that is… Read more How to Create a User Interface Style Guide

Some Priciples of Good Web Design

Once you have decided to create a website, it can be difficult to know where to start. How overwhelming it feels to consider all the aspects of site design! The User Interface, Usability, Accessibility, SEO, Social Marketing, who your web hosting company will be, blagh blagh—auuughgh!! Remember though that the best designs are the ones… Read more Some Priciples of Good Web Design