How To Make Directory Recursive Command Line Make Directory Recursive mkdir -p

On occasion, like when working with ZendFramework, you may want to build a directory tree. Did you know you can build a recursive directory tree? Here’s how: mkdir normaly works like this:

To build a directory and another directory inside of it you can do the following:

You can even make a grandchild […]

How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error from htaccess File

As a web developer, you will likely need to make rewrites for clean URLs and produce an htaccess file so you can create ModRewrite rules. If you encounter a 403 Forbidden Error after creating the htaccess file. This happens because even though the htaccess file itself may have the right permissions, it is possible the […]

About PHP Frameworks

There are many things to consider when looking into what PHP Framework to use.’s Videos on MVC Frameworks for Building PHP Web Applications with Drew Falkman have an excellent sub-section of videos on this topic named About PHP Frameworks. I found them useful for considering what PHP Framework to use or for comparing PHP […]

PHP and MySQL command line with MAMP on OSX

I found a handy article named “Getting command line access to PHP and MySQL running MAMP on OSX” by  Joaquin Lippincott . It was very helpful for getting PHP and MySQL acces from the terminal on a mac. In addition, one of the comments by Matthew Bacon was about getting the ZEND FRAMWORK up and running […]