AWS How To Launch VPC Instance manually

Note: An account user with proper authentication is needed from the VPC account admin.

  1. Go to the AWS EC2 Dashboard
  2. Note: Be sure you are in the correct region first (Select from drop down in upper right of page).
  3. From the left column header labeled: “INSTANCES” (all caps), click on the “Instances” (lowercase) sub-category.
  4. Click the blue “Launch Instance”  button
  5. Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  6. Choose an Instance Type.  eg.  t2.micro
  7. Click the “Configure Instance Details” button.
    1. Network: vpc-62fb5f07 ( | VPC Name (example)
    2. Subnet: subnet-7960e11c( | AMT NAT Subnet | us-west-1b (example)
    3. Auto-assign Public IP: Enable
  8. If you intend to add storage you may click the “Next:Add Storage” button.
  9. Otherwise click “Review and Launch”.
    1. On the “Review Instance Launch” page click “Edit security groups” (on the right)
      1. Select or create a security group
    2. Also, on the “Review Instance Launch” page you have an opportunity to edit the Instance Type before finalizing it.




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