Drupal Notes

It has been said that Drupal is well documented. While it true that Drupal is “well documented”, it can also be said the Drupal is not “documented well”. There are plenty of documents describing functions and modules and their purpose. However, for those of us that are trying to learn a new system, albeit an excellent one, the whole thing can be rather abstract. For example, I have been spending the last 8 hours learning about the Drupal Form API. I easily grasped the concept of putting the form elements into arrays and construction the form from the array. I understand that the drupal_get_form($form_id) is the “key” function in the Drupal Form API. I even picked up on the the fact that the name of the function that I am supposed to create to build the form’s array of elements will be the name of the form id. But I still struggle with things like say, where do I use the function to build the form? In the template.php file? In the module? I’m not opposed to a little trial and error but sometimes I fill like a blind-folded bull in a china shop with the fire sprinklers gone off ( not to imply that all china shops have fire sprinklers).

So this blog will attempt to simply the otherwise abstract and “well documented” Drupal platform in a way that I and/or people like me (who like to be told how things work and where to put them) can understand.

If you find any great resources that lean toward a lot more hand holding let me know, I’ll be happy to link to them from here.

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