Navicat Connetion with MAMP Pro

MAMP Pro has a lot of nice features. However, this means it changes things up a bit. How you make a connection with Navicat is one such example. So here is a quick helper post get Navicat up and running with MAMP PRo.

1) Add your information to the “Connection Properties” Pane as you normally would.

Navicat Pane -General

2) Click on the “Advanced” pane and check the box next to “Use socket for localhost connection.”

3) Then for the “Socket File Path” field type the following path.


The “Advanced” Pane should now look like this:

Navicat Advanced Pane

Click “OK” and you should be all set.

Navicat Connection Sucessfull

I hope this helps. Please feel free to make comments.

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