MAMP: Dealing with HUGE MySQL Queries

After importing a relativly huge table into my local dev using MAMP, I was experiencing MySQL hangups on large queries that when on a live site would be no problem.

To fix this I made the following adjustments to the MAMP PRO my.cnf  file.

The my.cnf file is edited in MAMP PRO pulldown menu by clicking on  FILE>>Edit Template>>MySQL my.cnf
MAMP my.cnf file edit

Notice starting on line 30 (image below) that I made changes to buffer allowances and memory allowances etc.
Basically just making everything bigger. I could hone this to the “best sizes” but really i don’t have time
and this is just for my local dev so threw some pretty big numbers in there for plenty of elbow room. IF you have any suggestions or have optimized your my.cnf file please feel free to make a comment.

Screen shot 2011-01-30 at 5.33.19 PM

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