What is AJAX

Asynchronous Put the “A” in AJAX The key word is asynchronous. “1.  A process in a multitasking system whose execution can proceed independently, “in the background”. Other processes may be started before the asynchronous process has finished.”—Dictionary.com Most web pages are rather “choppy” because they need to “refresh” themselves, which is a nice way of… Read more What is AJAX

What is Web 2.0 ?

Web 2.0 is a blend of new technologies that provide a much more rich and robust user experience. There are 3 main Components to Web 2.0 as described by Andy Gutmans, Co-Founder of ZEND. RIA (Rich Internet Application) Andy Gutmans says RIA is “…how we bring the experience from the desktop into the browser.” What… Read more What is Web 2.0 ?