Invisible Double End of Line Characters in Sublime

Ugh! These things drive me crazy sometimes.

So I have had to look this up and NOT find anything untill I really poked around so many times that I decided to do a quick reminder post on this.

If you are working with a file, a CSV file in my case, and you need lines that must have an end of line character, but it seems you can only get it to show a return and a newline instead of the needed new line character on its own, here is what to do.

Do a search and replace like this:


In sublime:

  • Be sure regex is “on”
  • Search for: \n\R
  • Replace with: \n

Also, on larger files, try doing large selections at a time to prevent Sublime from crashing on a huge CSV file.

I hope this helps someone, or at least me in the future when I forget this again!

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