PHP and MySQL command line with MAMP on OSX

I found a handy article named

Getting command line access to PHP and MySQL running MAMP on OSX

by  Joaquin Lippincott .

It was very helpful for getting PHP and MySQL acces from the terminal on a mac.

In addition, one of the comments by Matthew Bacon was about getting the ZEND FRAMWORK up and running with the command line. I have copied it here for your convenience. I hope this helps someone.

Posted by Matthew Bacon on

To anyone who is having problems getting Zend_Tool working on their MAC OS X (10.6) in Terminal, this is how to solve the problem.

Step 1

Download the Zend Framework to your downloads folder. Once downloaded, rename the folder ZendFramework

Step 2

Open Terminal and type: sudo cp -r ~/Downloads/ZendFramework /usr/local/ZendFrameworkCli

Step 3

In Terminal, type: open ~/.bash_profile

Note: If file is not found…

Open the application TextEdit. Create a new file and make sure you are typing in plain text only. Type the following: alias zf=/usr/local/ZendFrameworkCli/bin/

Save and exit TextEdit

Step 4

In Terminal, type: zf show version



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